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Getting slow download speed
2014-04-10, 17:49 (This post was last modified: 2014-04-10 17:51 by vielktus.)
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RE: Getting slow download speed
But even if the vm didnt hang at the download, the HTTP speed still be too slow. A winpe 150MB takes ~ 1 minute to complete, unbelievable !!

Can you help me with this? Did ipxe need some configurations ?
I used the ipxe.pxe and the undionly.kpxe. ipxe.pxe faster than undionly.kpxe but the two are much slower thank old TFTP of pxelinux.

One new issue, does ipxe.pxe have driver for broadcom 5709 and Emulex ? My servers are using these NIC model and are unable to get DHCP ( The ipxe is show "is using [NULL]" at the NIC model string).
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