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iPXE booting a preloaded pxelinux.0
2014-05-11, 22:02
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RE: iPXE booting a preloaded pxelinux.0
why not get rid of pxelinux.0 and just have your ipxe script like this:

kernel http://${next-server}/UpdateFirmware/img2a vga=0x317 root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=100000 tftp_server= tftp_tcrootfs=/UpdateFirmware/tcrootfs tftp_tczip=/UpdateFirmware/ debug_level=1 silent_boot=no boot_src=4 iommu=soft ipstatic6=auto
(command is probably wrapped and should all be on one line)
initrd http://${next-server}/UpdateFirmware/img3a
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