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Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
2014-05-16, 19:51
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RE: Mac Pro (late 2013 model) EFI and iPXE booting
(2014-05-16 16:51)Pretzel Wrote:  I'm not entirely sure how any of this code works. Is there an IRC channel that I can pop into to work on this with you?

Yes: #ipxe on Freenode.

Quote:I'm under the impression that if I detect either of those two GUIDs in the table (and they're not supported) that they should be removed from the table. Yes?

Not quite. The EFI_PROTOCOLS table will need to be modified to provide a way to mark protocols as being optional. The code in efi_init.c will need to take the optional/required flag into account.

More significantly, the places which use EfiDevicePathToTextProtocol and EfiHiiDatabaseProtocol will need to mark their requirement as optional and be prepared to run without those protocols present. For example, the code in efi_snp_hii.c could probably just return immediately from efi_snp_hii_install() if the protocol is missing. This has knock-on effects: efi_snp_hii_uninstall() would also need to skip uninstalling the protocols (which would never have been installed). The remainder of the codebase would need to be checked for references to snpdev->hii and snpdev->package_list: these probably aren't referenced outside of efi_snp_hii.c but if they are then that code would also need modification.


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