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NOOB - 2012r2 - WDS - iPXE - synology
2014-06-24, 07:39
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NOOB - 2012r2 - WDS - iPXE - synology
Hey everyone,

Please exuse me and I'm sure there is already a topic about my question but I can't find good answers to my question

So I have a microsoft environment and I like to use iPXE. I already have PXELINUX installed and this is working correctly. The problem however is that I didn't used syslinux 6 but version 5 because there were issues with booting on local disk. The other problem that I have is that ISO files are hanging on certain workstations, when googling I found iPXE but now I'm confused.


  • How do you implement iPXE in a Windows 2012r2 (user class is a policy now ?)
  • Example of boot.php ?
  • undionly.kpxe , where do I have to put this file ?

Windows 2012r2 and Windows 2012
MDT 2013

Many many thanks for sorting me out.
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2014-06-29, 20:10
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RE: NOOB - 2012r2 - WDS - iPXE - synology
How to boot iPXE on Windows:

Example of boot.php: (it's just really a text file, you don't need to use PHP unless you want to do some dynamic scripting)

undionly.kpxe (in your TFTP server's exported root folder - check your TFTP server's documentation)

I'd also recommend you check out the getting started page on, it tries to decouple the complexity of WDS into its component parts (namely DHCP, TFTP and WDS-specific stuff).

Also, check out and if your intent is to install Windows clients with this setup.
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2014-06-30, 10:15 (This post was last modified: 2014-06-30 10:22 by zophar.)
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Question RE: NOOB - 2012r2 - WDS - iPXE - synology
Windows 2012r2 dhcp server
MDT 2013

Trying to work with iPXE
Step 1
set option 066 (MDT 2013 WDS)
set option 067 - point to internal webserver (http://lisa/boot.php)

Step 2
User class - windows 2012r2 DHCP

Copied the and put it in "\\mdt01a\d$\RemoteInstall\Boot\x64\undionly.kpxe"

Change the boot file with wdsutil
wdsutil /set-server /bootprogram:boot\x86\undionly.kpxe /architecture:x86
wdsutil /set-server /N12bootprogram:boot\x86\undionly.kpxe /architecture:x86
wdsutil /set-server /bootprogram:boot\x86\undionly.kpxe /architecture:x64
wdsutil /set-server /N12bootprogram:boot\x86\undionly.kpxe /architecture:x64

Example of boot.php

chain http://lisa/menu.ipxe

Result Huh
iPXE initialising devices ...ok then 'reboots' iPXE
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