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iPXE PHP LOOPs not working
2014-07-04, 14:32
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RE: iPXE PHP LOOPs not working
(2014-07-04 13:54)jhonny Wrote:  Basically what i want to achieve with the script is ....

While job = 00 then keep looping and checking the database for value of JOB
If job = 01 then run a script or command

OK. Your PHP script will keep hammering the database in a tight loop, generating a potentially endless script for iPXE to execute. iPXE won't actually start executing the script until it has been downloaded in full, and even if it were executing the "sleep 10" commands generated by your PHP script, that wouldn't stop your PHP script from running its loop as fast as possible. Consider the fact that you could fetch the same URL with a web browser (which knows nothing about the iPXE scripting language), and the behaviour of your PHP script may become more obvious.

What you probably want to do is have a PHP script which doesn't loop at all: it returns a single instance of a script which causes iPXE to sleep and then retry the request.

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