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Chained iPXE and ISO via http
2014-07-21, 21:11
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RE: Chained iPXE and ISO via http
Trusting code should have nothing to do with whether you're using TFTP or HTTP. You can use memdisk with your content located on an HTTP server. Doing something like this:

kernel http://my.server.tld/memdisk iso raw
initrd http://my.server.tld/custom_os.iso

I'm not sure if you need to use the iso and raw options to memdisk for your ISO. You seem more knowledgeable about it, so check the memdisk docs for the specific details regarding those two options.

I'm not a core developer, so I'm uncertain what ipxe does and does not do before starting the actual kernel. If you use the bzImage format, then I'd recommend looking over the code for that executable format and see what it does.

My problem is not really related then. I'm just trying to decide how to build my custom linux distro that runs purely from initrd/ramdisk for a special utility I want to run in a dedicated environment (with all storage on the network). I've read about two tools, one is using make, which means you'll need to customize makefiles to improve it, and the other one is a bunch of shell scripts. Can't recall the names of either of them, to be honest.
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