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Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
2014-08-11, 17:00 (This post was last modified: 2014-08-11 17:12 by sebastian.)
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RE: Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
Just as a energy saving method.
So while the computers are logged off, the screens are in Power saving mode. Its easy then to put a notice "If the screen are blank, scan you access card".
I already use color + cpair command to "hide" sensitive processes, but the problem is that the screen backlight are on the whole day, generating heat, speeding up the wear of the screen hardware, and also wasting energy on the energy bill.

This can also be used with different scenarios, for example, computers that are booted with WOL can be put into screen energy saving mode until someone hits a key, with for example:

console --sleep
console --wake

will then implement a simple Power saving function, eg press any key to make the screen turn on again. Since the computers are logged off most of the day and its 20 computers, then it would save much on the energy bill to just turn off the screen during they are logged off.

Also good to prevent burn in of login texts and such.

Another usage example is for example:

menu Choose OS
item cps Enter Power saving mode
item linux Boot Ubuntu Linux
item windows Boot Windows 7
choose --default ps --timeout 15000 operatingsystem && goto ${operatingsystem}
console --sleep
console --wake
goto beginagain

For example. There much usage cases for this, and I Think many users will be happy of such a change.

Also, as you say, it can be used to protect passwords and such too. Its a multi-use function.
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