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Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
2014-09-05, 11:07 (This post was last modified: 2014-09-05 11:10 by robinsmidsrod.)
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RE: Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
I see your point that leaving the screens on wastes a lot of energy and avoiding that is beneficial. But my question here is, why aren't you using WOL to wake the entire computer when they scan their access card instead? That way you wouldn't be leaving the computer wasting a lot of energy when it's not in use. I'm not sure how your access card scanner works, but you could have it scan the card and then type in the number of the computer they are going to use, which would be sent off to a server somewhere which issues the WOL packet to the correct computer.

The reason I think this feature would be shot down is because it would probably require an ACPI parser, which is a large amount of code for such a tiny feature, and code size is always at a premium in iPXE.
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