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Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
2014-09-06, 12:00 (This post was last modified: 2014-09-06 12:33 by sebastian.)
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RE: Feature Suggestion: Screen turn on/off
The reason is that the readers is "Keyboard HID" based. Using IP readers would be too expensive. These USB HID readers only cost 10$ a piece.

But what do you mean "ACPI parser"? Why would such a thing be required? Isnt "Turn off the screen" or "Turn on the screen" (eg energy saving function) a standarized function of all Graphics cards?
Eg you send some signal to the Graphics card to tell it to turn off or on the screen. If its different for Nvidia, Intel or ATI cards, it could be a setting inside one of the header files? Eg "screensaver = 0 /* 0 = turn off command console --sleep, console --Wake. 1 = Configure command for nvidia cards. 2 = Configure command for ATI cards. 3 = Configure command for intel integrated cards. * / ".

If this varies with different motherboards and Graphics cards of the same brand, you could even have it part of command, that the information parsed out on ACPI tables, must be specified in command. Like:
console --sleep 0x0f03424240f
console --wake 0x0f03424240f

And thus, a ACPI parser can be provided in a separate means. Theres numerious free ACPI parsers out there, so the user could pre-parse the ACPI table, and get the information required, which is then embedded in the boot script.
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