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IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
2014-11-07, 02:09
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RE: IPXE Error (Unsupported NIC/Intel)
(2014-10-31 16:44)Fr3DBr Wrote:  
(2014-10-31 16:31)mcb30 Wrote:  [quote='mcb30' pid='11000' dateline='1414768328']
I think I found the underlying problem, which is that the i350 has a non-trivial correspondence between the PCI function number and the LAN port number. In particular, there is a register "FACTPS.LAN Function Sel": this register is initialised from the EEPROM "Functions Control" register and, if set, causes the ordering of ports 0-3 to be inverted.

I've pushed a change which should fix this:


Hi Michael,

I just build a debug version off master that includes that patch and used it on a Intel S2600GZ server that's booting off an i350 nic, and it didn't seem to report the correct Mac.

The nic is reporting (via ethtool -i) that it's running firmware version 1.48.

The nic reported when it started PXE booting: 01:1E:67:87:CE:66
Then when it's doing the debug output (make DEBUG=pci,device,intel,undionly,undinet):

INTEL 0xc2a24 MAC+PHY reset (ctrl 001c0261)
INTEL 0xc2a24 has autoloaded MAC address 01:1e:67:87:ce:69
INTEL 0xc2a24 link status is 8028078c

IPXE goes on to iterate through debug output related to PCI, finally hanging or (I'm guessing) crashing and resetting the machine.

(I tried to upload a screencapture, but the forums threw an error on me)

I have a video capture of the whole sequence. Wasn't sure how to best share that, so I put it up as "unlisted" on YouTube at

Any suggestions for what's happening or how to further debug it?
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