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Use the iPXE as an UEFI Application
2014-12-10, 07:40
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RE: Use the iPXE as an UEFI Application
With such kinds of script, it works, thanks a lot.
Seems that the iPXE do support fetch the kernel and ramdisk, then boot by itself, and do not need to grub at all.

For the traditional UEFI PXE server setting, the first step is to let the client fetch the BOOTX64.efi, but for iPXE, such grub APP does not needed.

(2014-12-08 22:33)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  Did you forget the initrd=myinitrd.img parameter on yourt kernel command-line? That is required in addition to the initrd ipxe command on UEFI.

This should work on UEFI (and also on legacy BIOS):

kernel vmlinuz initrd=myinitrd.gz
initrd myinitrd.gz
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