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Problems building under Ubuntu 14.10
2015-02-16, 16:21
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RE: Problems building under Ubuntu 14.10
For those of you working under Ubuntu 14.10

Took several steps to fix this, I'm not a Linux person primarily so they may not all be needed.
apt-get install syslinux-dev
apt-get install syslinux-stuff
apt-get install syslinux-legacy

Followed by a small change to geniso script in src/util. That script assumes that the ldlinux.c32 file requiered by syslinux 6.x.x will exist in the same folder as the binary. Under Ubuntu 14.10 it does not. Since the script does a blind copy and presents no messages when it is not found you get a succesful build that will not boot rendering it useless. The lack of any error message or failure sent me all over the place looking. It is possible none of the additional packages are even needed.

I changed the geniso script line to look like this and got my builds working(Literal path reference):

Thanks Robin for your assistance.. Maybe the lack of an error message or failure merits a bug report ??
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