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Setting serial speed/Baudrate dynamically?
2015-03-17, 22:08
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Setting serial speed/Baudrate dynamically?
We have multiple machines with both 9600 and 115200 Baud rates. I'm curious if there's a method by which I can set this dynamically in iPXE, either through autodetection (unlikely), or by changing the dhcp options.

SYSLINUX had a method by which we were able to set a dhcp option (pxelinux.configfile) for a machine with a specific Baud Rate - when it PXEBooted, the config file would read it (setting the first line as: SERIAL 0 {SERIAL})

Is there a similar way to do this in iPXE, or any other alternatives?
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2015-04-14, 00:05
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RE: Setting serial speed/Baudrate dynamically?
Currently there is no support to change this in a running iPXE, only at compile time.
But what you maybe can do is to have multiple ipxe binaries, if you only need 9600 and 115200 than that should be relatively easy to maintain?

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