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USB devices not working in EFI mode anymore
2017-02-08, 10:45
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RE: USB devices not working in EFI mode anymore
(2017-02-06 18:12)NiKiZe Wrote:  
(2017-02-06 14:29)eugenio Wrote:  Does anybody know if this issue has been fixed without disabling USB support?

USB support is no longer enabled by default in the standard build, you will explicitly need to include a USB driver to have usb pulled in.

Are you experiencing any issues with the current build?

We are not having problems with the build, our problems are related to the USB stack implemented into iPXE.

We need to use the USB support provided by iPXE.
Our product use the grub embedded into iPXE to load one or another OS depending on the USB devices detected by iPXE.

We see that when we load Windows 7 the USB keyboard attached to the system does not work, so the user can not select an option to for example use the Windows safe boot mode.

We think that USB stack implemented into iPXE turns on a bit on the USB host controller to acquire ownership of the USB host controller hardware. By turning on this bit iPXE disables the BIOS support for USB keyboards. I think that a solution will be to return ownership of the host controller hardware to the BIOS by calling the ehci_remove function of the EHCI driver in the case of a EHCI host controller.

Thanks in advance.
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