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Windows Server 2012 R2 iSCSI boot
2015-04-14, 18:42
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RE: Windows Server 2012 R2 iSCSI boot
(2015-04-13 17:28)mcb30 Wrote:  What is the BSOD?


(2015-04-13 17:28)mcb30 Wrote:  Are you using undionly.kpxe or a native iPXE driver (e.g. ipxe.pxe)? Have you tried the other?

I tried make bin/ipxe.iso - burn, CD boot.
I tried make bin/unionly.kpxe, pxe boot.
I tried make bin/ipxe.pxe, pxe boot.

No difference in each.
(2015-04-13 17:28)mcb30 Wrote:  What are the IP addresses of the initiator and target, and have you tried the "set net0/gateway" hack yet?

No router. Directly attached cable. Initiator is, target is Gateway was, but I still tried the set net0/gatway, but no change.

I'm stumped. I can get it to work on an older laptop with only one NIC - does that help?

FWIW - you guys are doing some amazing things.
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