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UEFI, Building .efi and menu password...
2015-06-26, 22:28
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UEFI, Building .efi and menu password...
Hello all!

For years I am using pxelinux for BIOS PXE but hopeless tried over past few weaks to implented and UEFI PXE via iPXE. So on my big supprise, UEFI PXE loads Windows 8.1 WinPE today without any error. But, have some questions and hoping that robinsmidsrod or some bode else help me.

1. What are requirements for building own ipxe.efi file from own Linux machine? I am using CentOS 6.5 (moving to 7) for everything in Linux but tried to build some files today without progress so I use ROM site for making EFI file. Some other Linux derivate or specific packages in CentOS?

2. In syslinux I made small default file for my company needs with menu password parameter but where is that parameter? How can I secure my booting? I can secure WinPE but that is all.

3. I didnt understand a story with php files. Do I need to install PHP (what packages exacly) to PXE server?

Thank in advice.
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2016-10-07, 09:13
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RE: UEFI, Building .efi and menu password...
The requirements for building iPXE is listed on and should be available on most popular Linux distros. It is also possible to build ipxe using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (if you have Windows 10 release 1607).

The PHP stuff mentioned on the front page is just for the demo. PHP is not needed to serve ipxe boot scripts. They are just plain-text files with script commands in them (and start with #!ipxe on the first line).

If you want to use and provide dynamic menus based on the username/password sent to a HTTP server using basic CGI scripting. You can use PHP or any other server-side language for that.
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