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Windows 7/8 Slow Boot at Windows logo
2015-09-14, 14:17
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RE: Windows 7/8 Slow Boot at Windows logo
(2015-09-13 05:55)soongin Wrote:  I checked and it shows orange led color. (both ipxe and gpxe are same.)

Thank you. I've checked the packet capture, and we are seeing ~12us between ACKs for full-sized frames, which does imply a 1Gbps link.

There are some odd-looking TCP retransmissions. These seem to always happen for the last packet transmitted by the server in a read request. Since it's always the last packet that gets dropped, fast retransmit doesn't happen and so nothing happens until the server's retransmission timer expires around 200ms later.

It's very suspicious that the drops seem to always affect the last packet in a request. If the link were bad, then we would expect all packets to be affected equally.

Is there anything else running on this machine which could potentially be accessing the network card (e.g. BIOS remote management or network console redirection)?

Could you also please try the hack at, which will continue to poll the NIC for received packets even if the NIC's interrupt register reports that there are no new received packets.


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