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Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
2015-09-16, 20:33
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RE: Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
(2015-09-16 20:21)mcb30 Wrote:  That log shows a RHEL7 kernel, but you are talking about the "latest CentOS kernel".

The relevant kernel fix was in 3.16.0. You are using a 3.10.0 kernel to which the fix may or may not have been backported. I really do need to know exactly which kernel version you are using.

Hi Michael,

Kernel is definitely CentOS. It's from here:

Per the reference in, this should contain the backported patch. In my experience, it fails identically to the stock CentOS pxelinux image at

As best I can determine, either I'm hitting a different (but similar) bug, or the fix isn't really in that centosplus kernel.

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