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Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
2016-02-03, 17:46
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RE: Booting CentOS 7 via iPXE on UEFI (HP G9)
Ah, thanks Michael. That makes a lot of sense. It hadn't occurred to me that the CentOS pxeboot/vmlinuz might not have that backported but it seems to be the case.

I'll stick with things as I have them now (ie, loading the initrd first, then the kernel) unless it shows any signs of instability. If it does, will replace the kernel with one I'm sure has the patch.

And Michael, thanks a bunch for your work on the project and UEFI/EFI issues!


(2016-02-03 11:26)mcb30 Wrote:  Those are identical as far as iPXE is concerned: the only difference is in which file gets downloaded first. This will affect the placement in memory, which could potentially make a difference if your kernel does not include the backported fix mentioned earlier.

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