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UEFI Network Boot: loop and exec format error
2016-01-06, 23:48
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RE: UEFI Network Boot: loop and exec format error
(2016-01-06 23:34)altsysrq Wrote:  make bin/undionly.kpxe EMBED=../../script.ipxe

The precompiled gives me a ctrl-b option where I can manually dhcp and chain to my menu.ipxe file. This works, but I would like to automate this without any typing. Ideally, I would like to compile it myself as I am sure this will make things easier in the future as updates are applied to iPXE.

When you embed a script the ctrl+b prompt is disabled.
Note that make command will create an legacy file, that won't work in efi mode. Do you see the iPXE version header printed on screen with this file at all? (or atleast "iPXE initialising devices...") [Image: HF7S5.png]

To compile a 64bit ipxe.efi file use make bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi EMBED=../../script.ipxe

If you post contents of your embeded script we can check if there might be anything wrong there.

There is also script debugging that can be enabled with a command like:
make bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi EMBED=../../script.ipxe DEBUG=script

script in this case refers to that scripts is handled by the script.c source file.

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