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iPXE problems with iSCSI Boot and Windows
2016-08-13, 02:55
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RE: iPXE problems with iSCSI Boot and Windows
I just achieved a breakthrough in installing Win10 directly to iSCSI LUNs. I have posted some info on how this is done on the site:

I've been able to get clients to boot Win10 diskless since early this year, but only recently did I figure out how to do Win10 installations over-the-network into iSCSI LUNs. My previous attempts were plagued by either the dreaded "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" or the error "iSCSI deployment is disabled since no NICs referenced in the iBFT can be resolved to actual NT-visible devices" that blocks OS installation into the iSCSI LUN, but now I can install Win10 into iSCSI LUNs without going through physical hard disks or removable storage like USB flash drives.
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