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Wireless MAC
2016-03-16, 20:17
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RE: Wireless MAC
(2016-03-16 19:55)Fimlore Wrote:  I see, the reason I asked if it might have been something I could support in the (near) future or something that might be far fetched. We receive all sorts of hardware with the request to register the Macs of all NICS, since all hardware is specific for Windows, Windows should always have the driver.
The SMBIOS is a valid option, but not all vendors add it, experience learned,

OK. If you need to access NICs that are supported only under Windows then yes, booting into Windows is inevitable. You can probably speed up the process by using, if you aren't already doing so.

Quote:Just as a matter of interest,
Is it possible to load a Linux driver after booting into ipxe, or does it has to be created with the drivers

No; you can't directly use a Linux driver in iPXE. It's often possible to use the Linux driver as a starting point for creating an iPXE driver, though I personally prefer to create drivers from scratch instead.

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