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Broadcom BCM5709 cards not working
2016-03-21, 21:04
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RE: Broadcom BCM5709 cards not working
Can you please take a picture of the full output you get on screen. The blue and purple messages I see don't seam to be a huge problem.

What does ifstat show after the 'ifopen net0' or does if hang after ifopen? Are you sure net0 is where you have your cable connected? Tried others? Maybe add 'dhcp' to the debug and try to get an IP via the 'dhcp' command on the shell. Any errors you see?

Unfortunately there aren't many debug statements - DBGC(...) - in the bnx2 driver code. Maybe try adding some yourself and see what you get. I'd start in function bnx2_open on line 1173...
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