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Broadcom BCM5709 cards not working
2016-03-22, 14:43 (This post was last modified: 2016-03-22 15:39 by skibumatbu.)
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RE: Broadcom BCM5709 cards not working
What does ifstat show after the 'ifopen net0' or does if hang after ifopen?

Ifstat won't show anything... I tried to show it in the output (the lone "i" at the bottom of the console is where the system hung completely.

Are you sure net0 is where you have your cable connected? Tried others?

Good question... From a hardware perspective, the cable is in where net0 should be. But the interesting bit is that I can open and close all the other interfaces without hanging the device. But once I do net0 everything hangs. To me that means I am in the right port and that the issue is somewhere in the fact that we have a link. But I like your idea in adding debug lines. I'll give that a shot.

FYI... I added the debug statements all over bnx2_open and have more information. It appears that I'm failing AFTER the code leaves that function. It returns 0 and seems to hang in the calling function.

I'm going to look at DHCP next. I don't have DHCP on that subnet (which is why I'm using ipxe) but it will be interesting to see what happens.
Here is the latest screengrab:

I couldn't capture more up front because it scrolls off the screen too quickly.

One thing I notice is that looking at the C code, the ifopen only calls the netdev_open function... Given the output, the system hangs outside of the netdev and bnx2 open functions. Is there something going on in the background (checking links, etc). that I may not be catching?
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