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iPXE handoff issues
2016-07-12, 17:19 (This post was last modified: 2016-07-12 17:28 by jbirlingmair.)
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RE: iPXE handoff issues
(2016-07-12 05:48)mcb30 Wrote:  Using "sanhook" and "keep-san" and then exiting back to the BIOS is not a supported method, and never will be. It may happen to work on some platforms. It's pure luck when it does, and will not be considered a bug when it doesn't. There is no way for iPXE to control what the BIOS does after iPXE exits.

It makes total sense that once iPXE exits, that all bets are off and everything is out if it's control.

Any idea why it works in gPXE?
It seems like gPXE releases the network interface for use by the next item in the boot order. How it does this while maintaining connection to the iSCSI target, I have no idea. iPXE doesn't seem to release lock on the network interface to the next in the boot order.

Just curious, is it possible to chain into a setup.exe on a CD?

I have the WDS solution working, just need to fix a iSCSI drive MBR on one of our drives, and I know the repair tools on the WindowsPE disc I have will work.

I will get started on netbooting WinPE. Better yet, if I can add in the diagnostic and repair tools into one of my WDS boot WIMs then I can just use that.
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