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iPxe wimboot win 7
2016-06-06, 22:43
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iPxe wimboot win 7
I tried posting in another related thread but it doesnt show up. so my appologies if I am duplicating efforts.

I am wondering if there is any more info about booting and installing windows with wimboot or any other pxeboot method.

I keep getting the "Select driver to be installed" message/error. I've read through many forums bbut the dont give much info on how to resolve this. I have tried injecting the NIC driver on one PC into the boot.wim. Map a drive back to my server and re-run setup .exe. But I still get the needs driver messages. On anohter that I dont have the driver injected I can use a USB to install the NIC driver using drvload and get the network working but its still the same problems. How do we get past the needs driver screens? What is missing? Is it a driver? Is it missing install files? How do we get this to work?

The same files from a usb drive work as expected. The hard drive is seen when browsing so its not missing or un-readable. I am at a loss.

I have used wimboot 2.5.? the current latest as of 6/6//2016
I have also used 2.4.? with same results.

iPxe is installed/configured from using Fog 1.2.0 running ubuntu/linuxmint 17.3

While I am not new to linux I don't use it often. So it's possible I am missing a config. rather that be in pxe/linux/or fog. I quit using undi*.*pxe as I couldnt get them to work. Found how to use pxelinux.cfg/default and boot to fog boot.php

Just trying to give as much troubleshooting that could be relavent.

Any assistance in this would be appreciated.


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2016-11-02, 11:38
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RE: iPxe wimboot win 7
If you're using a NIC that needs windows drivers to be loaded you need to slipstream it into winpe.wim so that it automatically is initialized during bootup. See the page for details on how to do this. If this doesn't quite give you the answers, see the more advanced topic of SCCM:
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