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A couple of issues with Flexboot
2016-06-27, 22:24
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A couple of issues with Flexboot
I have compiled the source code off of Mellanox is website, but it seems it not compiling intelx driver with it. It shows it does compile it, but when ipxe boot, it says no driver found for 8086:1528. I was wondering if anyone might know what is going on or what can I possibly look at. I am using the FlexBoot-3.4.521 source code off there site.

Also, when I try to compile the code from the flexboot.git, it errors out on mlx_port.c.

If anyone has any thoughts on what might be going on and what I can try, please let me know, thanks.

# make -j `getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN` bin/ConnectX-3.mrom EMBED=./script.ipxe EXTRA_CFLAGS='-DMLX_BUILD -D__MLX_0001_MAJOR_VER_=0x00100003 -D__MLX_MIN_SUB_MIN_VER_=0x000402cf -D__MLX_DEV_ID_00ff=0x100300ff -D__BUILD_VERSION__=\"3.4.719\" -DFLASH_CONFIGURATION  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils_flexboot/include/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/include/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/include/public/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/include/private/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/include/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/include/public/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/include/private/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils_flexboot/tests/include/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/mlx_lib/mlx_reg_access/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/mlx_lib/mlx_nvconfig/  -Idrivers/infiniband/mlx_utils/mlx_lib/mlx_vmac/  -DDEVICE_CX3'
  [BUILD] bin/mlx_port.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_hii.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_init.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_pci.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_pxe.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_reboot.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_smbios.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_snp.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_snp_hii.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_strings.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_time.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_timer.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_uaccess.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_umalloc.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_usb.o
cc1: warnings being treated as errors
drivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/src/mlx_port.c: In function ‘nodnic_port_add_mac_filter’:
drivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/src/mlx_port.c:725: error: dereferencing pointer ‘mac.116’ does break strict-aliasing rules
drivers/infiniband/mlx_nodnic/src/mlx_port.c:725: note: initialized from here
  [BUILD] bin/efi_utils.o
  [BUILD] bin/efi_watchdog.o
make: *** [bin/mlx_port.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
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