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Grub2 + wimboot to boot .wim file in EFI mode
2016-07-04, 11:41
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RE: Grub2 + wimboot to boot .wim file in EFI mode
[quote='Ryan' pid='12757' dateline='1467258443']
menuentry "Wimboot" {
    linux16 /wimboot/wimboot gui pause
    initrd16 newc:bcd:(loop)/boot/bcd \
           newc:boot.sdi:(loop)/boot/boot.sdi \

That is a BIOS-only configuration. It will not work in UEFI.

As far as I know, GRUB2 is not capable of supporting wimboot under UEFI. You will need to use iPXE to load wimboot directly (which you already have working).

Quote:3. As I understand, iPXE only support chainload in Network mode (script file must be load off the network). Could iPXE support chainload in local (script file in local disk)?
chain /local-root/myscript.ipxe

Yes, you can do that with iPXE in UEFI. Use the "file://" URI scheme to access local filesystems. See for more details.

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