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Wimboot Won't Load System Image Recovery from Windows Repair
2016-08-02, 22:22
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Brick RE: Wimboot Won't Load System Image Recovery from Windows Repair
(2016-08-02 21:31)vphoebe Wrote:  The Panther directory where those logs are supposed to go doesn't exist, I think it puts it on a C drive once an installation has started. This is just a recovery disk so nothing is being installed. I can't find any logs that would provide any more info.

I have seen logs on the winpe virtual disks (when there is an issue during windows installation before the target partition is created) so I was hoping that maybe it was there, hmm.

(2016-08-02 21:31)vphoebe Wrote:  The WIM is stock taken right out of a 64-bit Windows 7 recovery iso from MSDN. Like I said, the same files work as an ISO in MEMDISK, so it can't be anything with the files. It must be something with how wimboot is emulating the ramdisk WinPE makes, and for some reason it can't find this file. Anyway, I tried to upload it here but it says it's too large.

I'd argue that the issue is with windows (not least so due to the "very verbose" error message Wink ) but also how it interprets whatever it interprets from wimboot.

What wimboot does in legacy boot is to generate a minimal virtual FAT32 filesystem, and populates it with the files given to it and then chains into bootmgr (which it extracted from the wim if not given) from there it is bootmgr that loads the other files and does what it normally does. When the NT kernel is then started the pointers to the FAT fs is thrown out the window. ([url=]wimboot details[/url})
So to me it seems to be bootmgr that does things differently between memdisk and wimboot load, those differences is probably in the registry somewhere.

We still don't know which file it can't find(?)

To find and create a workaround for this mcb30 probably needs to be able to reproduce the issue, I might be able to help and narrow down what is causing this, but can't say for sure. Maybe you have a link to MSDN?

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