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WinPE Booting multiple operating systems
2016-09-04, 08:45
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WinPE Booting multiple operating systems
Hi, there. I'm trying to build a custom Pxeboot menu with a few utilities that I use frequently, I uploaded most of them already and they are working. I would like to add Windows 7 , 8.1 and 10 installations to WinPe, I was following this guide , but have a question about the startup batch file - which is, is it possible that I could write it once for each operating system, so I don't have to type the net use command every time I boot ( This is going to be used multiple times every day and it would save me a lot of time ). What I'm aiming for is to create a menu like "Windows 10 x86" , "Windows 7 x64" etc. and when an option is chosen I'd like it to boot directly as it was booting from a USB. I would eventually like to do the same for UEFI boot as well. If anyone here could point me in the right direction, post a link of a guide or something. I don't have any programming knowledge, but I think I follow steps quite good. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any information on the setup.
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2016-09-04, 21:25
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RE: WinPE Booting multiple operating systems
you can modify (or add) the "startnet.cmd" file in the winpe image (do a internet search for startnet.cmd for lots of examples)

it is possible to use choice and other cmd things, or even running a .vbs script or similar instead or write your own program to display the menu.

I use a script that grabs the mac of the nic and posts that with wget to get a "next stage" cmd file dynamically, that way I can do settings in the ipxe menu which the winpe script then makes use of.
unfortunately it is currently not in a state which make it possible to share.

Please ask if anything is unclear or if you need further assistance.

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