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Windows 10 Build 1607 (Anniversary Ed.) Failing
2016-09-19, 12:49
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Windows 10 Build 1607 (Anniversary Ed.) Failing
I've been looking at threads on here and pretty much everywhere, but still having issues trying to install/boot Windows 10 over iSCSI.
I'm using Windows 10 build 1607 (install media and WinPE)
I am configuring iPXE and Tiny PXE ok
I successfully connect to a Starwind iSCSI target.
I can do a Windows 10 install, which fails right at the end with an error regarding missing required driver (this is on a Hyper-V gen 1 guest and a physical box)
I have also installed to a local drive then used Clonedisk to copy an install to an iSCSI drive mounted in WinPE via iSCSI Initiator
I've managed to edit BCD to ensure that there is everything on the single "C" partition (also made sure it is active in diskpart).
However when it boots i get the Windows starting logo, but as soon as i get the spinning dots i see the iSCSI connection drop in Starwind.

I can confirm i DO have the keep-san setting in iPXE (even running sanboot --keep when i've successfully sanhooked the drive to make sure)

From what i've read Windows 10 V 10.0.14393 (Build 1607) should not disconnect iSCSI on boot up, but my experience says otherwise.

I have also used the nsvpbind tool prior to cloning the disk to ensure the LWF driver is disabled.

Can anyone shed any light on what else i am doing wrong?

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2016-09-23, 22:55 (This post was last modified: 2018-07-21 21:38 by NiKiZe.)
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RE: Windows 10 Build 1607 (Anniversary Ed.) Failing
To test your configuration you might want to test windows 7 or windows 8 first.

But yes only a few have gotten win10 to boot over iscsi, you can search the forum to find one of them I believe.

Just to document things, a post about upgrading drivers in Win 10 and it's issues with iSCSI;
For the record I don't think BootFlags is enough to fix it.

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