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ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15
2016-09-22, 06:59
Post: #1
ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15

I am a beginner to use iPXE. I am trying to install ESX-6.0 using iPXE.

This is my code.

echo Booting ESX 6.0 OS
kernel nfs:// -c nfs://

I am getting the issue as below.
Error loading tboot.b00
Fatatl Error: 15 (Not Found)

But, the file is there in the destined folder.
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]# ll tboot.b00
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 44343 Feb 6 2015 tboot.b00
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]#

Could anyone help me in this.

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2016-09-23, 23:09
Post: #2
RE: ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15
do you see any link to ? which is part of any error ipxe gives, and that page often explains what's going on.

If there is no url in the error message, the issue is likely with your boot.cfg which I think needs full paths to the file.
Could you post the contents of your boot.cfg?

actually I must say that since tboot.b00 is not in the kernel line at all, it must be something that is trying to be loaded from boot.cfg

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2016-09-27, 18:10
Post: #3
RE: ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15

Thanks for the reply. Yes, there is no url.

My boot.cfg contents are as below.

title=Loading ESXi installer
modules=b.b00 --- jumpstrt.gz --- useropts.gz --- k.b00 --- chardevs.b00 --- a.b00 --- user.b00 --- uc_intel.b00 --- uc_amd.b00 --- sb.v00 --- s.v00 --- mtip32xx.v00 --- ata_pata.v00 --- ata_pata.v01 --- ata_pata.v02 --- ata_pata.v03 --- ata_pata.v04 --- ata_pata.v05 --- ata_pata.v06 --- ata_pata.v07 --- block_cc.v00 --- ehci_ehc.v00 --- elxnet.v00 --- emulex_e.v00 --- weaselin.t00 --- esx_dvfi.v00 --- ima_qla4.v00 --- ipmi_ipm.v00 --- ipmi_ipm.v01 --- ipmi_ipm.v02 --- lpfc.v00 --- lsi_mr3.v00 --- lsi_msgp.v00 --- lsu_hp_h.v00 --- lsu_lsi_.v00 --- lsu_lsi_.v01 --- lsu_lsi_.v02 --- lsu_lsi_.v03 --- lsu_lsi_.v04 --- misc_cni.v00 --- misc_dri.v00 --- net_bnx2.v00 --- net_bnx2.v01 --- net_cnic.v00 --- net_e100.v00 --- net_e100.v01 --- net_enic.v00 --- net_forc.v00 --- net_igb.v00 --- net_ixgb.v00 --- net_mlx4.v00 --- net_mlx4.v01 --- net_nx_n.v00 --- net_tg3.v00 --- net_vmxn.v00 --- nmlx4_co.v00 --- nmlx4_en.v00 --- nmlx4_rd.v00 --- nvme.v00 --- ohci_usb.v00 --- qlnative.v00 --- rste.v00 --- sata_ahc.v00 --- sata_ata.v00 --- sata_sat.v00 --- sata_sat.v01 --- sata_sat.v02 --- sata_sat.v03 --- sata_sat.v04 --- scsi_aac.v00 --- scsi_adp.v00 --- scsi_aic.v00 --- scsi_bnx.v00 --- scsi_bnx.v01 --- scsi_fni.v00 --- scsi_hps.v00 --- scsi_ips.v00 --- scsi_meg.v00 --- scsi_meg.v01 --- scsi_meg.v02 --- scsi_mpt.v00 --- scsi_mpt.v01 --- scsi_mpt.v02 --- scsi_qla.v00 --- uhci_usb.v00 --- xhci_xhc.v00 --- tools.t00 --- xorg.v00 --- imgdb.tgz --- imgpayld.tgz

And below is the message I am getting, after issuing the boot command.

Loading ESXi installer
Network boot: MAC address not found
Add 'BOOTIF=01-aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff' manually to the boot options (required if booting from gPXE).
Replace aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff with the MAC address of the boot interface
Loading /ESX-6.0/tboot.b00
Error loading /ESX-6.0/tboot.b00
Compressed MD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000
Decompressed MD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000
Fatal error: 15 (Not found)

And the OS folder contents are as below.
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]# ll /srv/data/ESX-6.0/tboot.b00
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 44343 Feb 6 2015 /srv/data/ESX-6.0/tboot.b00
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]# ls /srv/data/ESX-6.0/tboot.b00
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]# ls /srv/data/ESX-6.0/
a.b00 imgdb.tgz lsi_msgp.v00 mtip32xx.v00 net_mlx4.v01 safeboot.c32 scsi_aic.v00 scsi_mpt.v02 vmware-esx-base-osl.txt
ata_pata.v00 boot.cfg imgpayld.tgz lsu_hp_h.v00 net_bnx2.v00 net_nx_n.v00 sata_ahc.v00 scsi_bnx.v00 scsi_qla.v00 vmware-esx-base-readme
ata_pata.v01 boot.cfg.bak ipmi_ipm.v00 lsu_lsi_.v00 net_bnx2.v01 net_tg3.v00 sata_ata.v00 scsi_bnx.v01 s.v00 weaselin.t00
ata_pata.v02 chardevs.b00 ipmi_ipm.v01 lsu_lsi_.v01 net_cnic.v00 net_vmxn.v00 sata_sat.v00 scsi_fni.v00 tboot.b00 xhci_xhc.v00
ata_pata.v03 efi ipmi_ipm.v02 lsu_lsi_.v02 net_e100.v00 nmlx4_co.v00 sata_sat.v01 scsi_hps.v00 tools.t00 xorg.v00
ata_pata.v04 efiboot.img isolinux.bin lsu_lsi_.v03 net_e100.v01 nmlx4_en.v00 sata_sat.v02 scsi_ips.v00 uc_amd.b00
ata_pata.v05 ehci_ehc.v00 isolinux.cfg lsu_lsi_.v04 net_enic.v00 nmlx4_rd.v00 sata_sat.v03 scsi_meg.v00 uc_intel.b00
ata_pata.v06 elxnet.v00 jumpstrt.gz mboot.c32 net_forc.v00 nvme.v00 sata_sat.v04 scsi_meg.v01 uhci_usb.v00
ata_pata.v07 emulex_e.v00 k.b00 menu.c32 net_igb.v00 ohci_usb.v00 sb.v00 scsi_meg.v02 upgrade
b.b00 esx_dvfi.v00 lpfc.v00 misc_cni.v00 net_ixgb.v00 qlnative.v00 scsi_aac.v00 scsi_mpt.v00 user.b00
block_cc.v00 ima_qla4.v00 lsi_mr3.v00 misc_dri.v00 net_mlx4.v00 rste.v00 scsi_adp.v00 scsi_mpt.v01 useropts.gz
[root@iPXE ESX-6.0]#

And one more thing. May I know, where the ks file should be placed and from where should it be called.

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2016-09-27, 18:47 (This post was last modified: 2016-09-27 18:52 by NiKiZe.)
Post: #4
RE: ESX 6.0 install - error loading /tboot.b00 fatal error 15
try to change

if that does not work try with a http url instead.
Don't know if the "BOOTIF=01-aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff" needs to be handled as well. (and don't know how)

A thread with other issues but seems to have gotten past the missing file issues:

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