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UEFI grub + wimboot
2018-08-15, 12:45
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RE: [wimboot] New cmdline command
It is hard, and sometimes impossible to answer questions when you don't provide needed information.
As I asked before, what are you running wimboot from, and where is this an actual issue?
Also make sure to provide information about if EFI or PCBIOS is used.
And also make sure to provide any and all error messages that you are seeing.

(2018-08-15 12:30)johnny Wrote:  add a cmdline command to add the paths of the windows files directly

What do you mean by this?
wimboot does not, and never will be able to "load files"
All it has to work with is what is provided to it in memory.

For example, in the case of Grub (which I'm assuming you are using since you have asked about it before, but if that is the case, why are you creating a new thread about the same topic?)
It is up to grub to load the files into memory, and then start wimboot.
It should not give the filenames themselves to wimboot.

If grub or any other bootloader (incorrectly) adds extra invalid options to the cmdline, then that should be fixed, and as a last resort it might be possible to duplicate the syslinux logic to have wimboot ignore those options see:
Again remember wimboot only uses what is provided as files in memory and nothing else

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