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UEFI grub + wimboot
2019-03-15, 07:37 (This post was last modified: 2019-03-15 07:38 by johnny.)
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RE: [wimboot] New cmdline command
(2019-03-07 08:45)trulyliu Wrote:  
(2018-08-15 13:10)NiKiZe Wrote:  Still you have not answered my questions in regards to bootloader and mode - and I will not guess what you mean.
However I will restate one of my questions; If you are continuing to ask about already existing topic - why are you creating a new thread? Threads are now merged

Please read what I wrote again and make sure you answer all questions that I asked.

And yes the bootloader must load the files - NOT wimboot

I am a developer but lake of the knowledge of UEFI and wimboot,
If I want to make wimboot work in grub2 UEFI mode,
which feature should I implement in wimboot?

As far as I can remember NiKiZe meant I think that Grub2 in EFI mode with the commands Linux and initrd does not load the Windows files correctly into RAM and therefore wimboot cannot load the wim files.
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2019-03-18, 16:10
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RE: UEFI grub + wimboot
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2019-03-18, 16:19
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RE: UEFI grub + wimboot
(2019-03-18 16:10)steve6375 Wrote:

Yes, all files must be loaded, and have the correct names
I would suggest to use the BCD file from - it is as clean and minimal as can be.

you need to load boot.sdi, and BCD
the local names must be that (the --name on initrd fixes this for EFI, while for legacy it is the last parameter of the line, or also known as argument)
boot.sdi and boot.wim is defined in BCD - or has fallbacks for that name.
wimboot creates virtual directories for the files, (all files are pressented in all directories in the virtual VFAT fs that wimboot creates)

You can read about much of this at

Read FAQ before first post!
Are relevant error urls and PCIIDs included?
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