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Client PC names
2016-10-29, 15:52
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Client PC names
I would like yo know how to give clients pc names when they are booted from iscsi server.

And i would like to know a good tutorial on booting frome iscsi target. I would like to set up a gaming pcs booted from iscsi server.

I tried with Tiny pxe and iscsi target software on server 2008 with an window image from ccboot - i changed the image from dynamic to fixed using hyper v and with tiny pxe, i was able to boot but all the client pcs got the same name and it is not ok. And I think there should be a better way in which i don't need my image file to be fixed type. Please let me know how. Thank you in advance.
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2016-10-30, 17:09
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RE: Client PC names
For setting windows hostnames you need to set them inside of windows and then reboot, the official suggestion is probably to use autounattend.xml together with sysprep. But i know that clonezilla has some hacks regarding to this, but AFAIK there is no official way to set a windows hostname from boot options or network options. (other then randomizing the later part)

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