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Wireless adapter AR9565 is not supported
2016-11-30, 15:20
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Wireless adapter AR9565 is not supported
I have a laptop with QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter, 168c:0036.

Firstly when I loaded the laptop using ipxe.iso I did not see that adapter at all.
Then I've downloaded sources, updated them to have that adapter like a clone of AR9485 and built iso again. This time ipxe on load told me that ath9k can't be initialized (something like that at the top of the screen) and continued to load as usually, showed me net0 (cable NIC).

So, can anybody help me with it?

Of course I have full access to laptop and can test new updates.

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2016-11-30, 20:00
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RE: Wireless adapter AR9565 is not supported
The issue here is that you want to get the AR9565 going
And you have already tried adding the PCI_ROM line for it as a "hack" ?

Just to be clear, your cabled nic shows up in both your testcases?
and you use ipxe.iso to boot?

Just a disclaimer here, this is general instructions on how the ipxe drivers are debugged, and not much more info then so unfortunately.

First step is probably to compile with make bin/ipxe.iso DEBUG=ath9k
ath9k after DEBUG= refers to ath9k.c file in drivers/net/ath/ath9k/
as you can see there is quite a lot of .c files there and you might want to build with something like DEBUG=ath9k,ath9k_hw etc, when you do this the "DBG" lines in the .c files gets enabled and hopefully will give you a hint on where to start... after this preferably the AR96565 implementation should be done based on datasheets for the chip.

This is probably far from easy but hopefully this would get you started.

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