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Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
2016-12-20, 14:48
Post: #11
RE: Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
I've decided to stick to the grub-wrapper solution for now.
Script + grub.cfg below:

#!/bin/bash -ex

rm -rf bootx64.efi boot memdisk.tar

# needed to build a custom bootloader
yum install grub2-efi-modules

mkdir -p boot/grub
cp grub.cfg boot/grub/
tar cvf memdisk.tar vmlinuz initrd.img boot
grub2-mkimage  -v --memdisk=memdisk.tar -o bootx64.efi -O x86_64-efi memdisk tar echo help sleep linux linuxefi lsefi reboot multiboot linux16 boot efi_uga efi_gop gfxterm video video_fb videoinfo videotest efifwsetup efinet http
rm -rf memdisk.tar boot

net_bootp efinet0

menuentry "CentOS-7" {
    linuxefi (memdisk)/vmlinuz ks=http://boot.myhost.tld/install/centos-7/install.ks BOOTIF=${net_efinet0_dhcp_mac}
    initrdefi (memdisk)/initrd.img

set timeout=0
set default="CentOS-7"
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