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Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
2019-08-14, 18:34 (This post was last modified: 2020-06-16 09:16 by d4rk3.)
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RE: Can not boot RHEL 7.3 by using iPXE
(2017-11-21 16:22)WmYVR Wrote:  I am new to this forum and iPXE. I have been struggling to get my CentOS 7.4 1708 to PXEboot successfully ultimately to proceed to KickStart - using a VMware ESXi VM (BIOS and not EFI). Like this thread, both the CentOS's pxeboot initrd and vmlinuz files are being loaded via HTTP but vmlinuz fails to complete its boot due to not being able to mount the root filesystem.

I note that "mathp" says he/she had success with iPXE and "stock" Centos 7.4.1708 installer kernel. I would appreciate a snippet of the iPXE script that did this so that I can confirm my environment.



This is the only way I can get a VM with UEFI to boot CentOS 7-x86_64-1810. Hope this helps.
Also, it will look like it's stuck, give it time. Probably a good 10 minutes or so. Eventually it will load the installation menu.

set    repo
set    imgargs    initrd=initrd.img inst.repo=${repo} nomodset

kernel ${server}/${centos}/vmlinuz ${imgargs}
initrd ${server}/${centos}/initrd.img
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