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iPXE menu
2017-01-05, 05:48
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iPXE menu
Newbie here.. still trying to understand the iPXE setup and usage scenarios (vs PXE).

With PXE, I have a loader (pxelinux.0) and a menu (/pxelinux.cfg/default). The menu is a text file, sits on the TFTP server, and is easily editable on the fly.

With iPXE, I have a loader (undionly.kpxe), however I understand any further instructions have to be embedded into the loader via make command.. which is a pain (Windows only environment here).

Is there a way to make iPXE loader to load some default *.ipxe menu file from the same TFTP server ? Just trying to find a way to easily edit a text file menu (as in PXE case), without having to customize the undionly.kpxe every time..
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2017-01-06, 10:23
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RE: iPXE menu
Which dhcp server are you using?

The normal way is to send a different filename when it is detected that ipxe is booting and then send it a different filename, this is called "breaking the infinite loop" see

One other approach is to have a bootstrap.ipxe that is embeded such as
chain tftp://${next-server}/menu.ipxe
this will then load menu.ipxe from the tftp server - so one build with embeded script and then you can just edit the menu.ipxe file on the server just as you want.

Windows 10 has the linux subsystem which can be used to install ubuntu and that in turn can build ipxe - inside windows.

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