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iMAC with Broadcom 14e4-1686 BCM57766 : link status down
2017-02-04, 00:34
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RE: iMAC with Broadcom 14e4-1686 BCM57766 : link status down
in your video it detects net1
in that image there is only net0 - but twice (no net1)

Again please give the output of dhcp followed by ifstat from official ipxe git sources, without any configuration modifications at all.

Just to limit this down to just the tg3 driver use make bin-x86_64-efi/tg3.efi

so steps I really want you to do so we have a common, minimal, reproducable, understanable testcase:
git clone
cd ipxe/src
make bin-x86_64-efi/tg3.efi
(note that there should not be any configuration changes at all)
cp make bin-x86_64-efi/tg3.efi -> boot device

press ctrl-b when booting
type dhcp
type ifstat
take a picture and upload

so far there is no information provided at all with output from ifstat after running dhcp.

we might also want the mapping from net0/1 to the busid as shown by show net0/busid:hex and show net1/busid:hex

There is lots of features enabled in that video, maybe this is just an issue with VLAN support enabled, or maybe something else, but we need to know if the absolute minimal testcase works at all first, is it a total driver issue or not.

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