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[SOLVED] IMG/IMA support or alternative
2017-02-21, 10:53 (This post was last modified: 2017-02-21 10:54 by qk4l.)
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RE: IMG/IMA support or alternative
Thank you for truncate! It helps to successfully upload image.
Unfortunately it's not enough because server freeze with black screen and blink cursor when I boot from it.
I suggest that it's not correct format because same image (truncated) correct works with qemu and iso version of ipxe works on this server.

I spend several hours for searching some particular information about what type of image should be uploaded but found only this.

Quote:Floppy Image Upload allows the user to upload a floppy image as “floppy” located at the remote host. The floppy image uploaded shall be in the binary format with a maximum size of 1.44MB. It will be loaded to the Supermicro SIM card and emulated to the host as a USB device.

From other side freedos img works without problem but their image contains FAT12 inside while ipxe dsk seems does not have filesystem at all.

IPMI specification (X9 platform):
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