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Installing Windows7 for netbooting via AOE (MacBook Pro)
2017-04-02, 15:12
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Installing Windows7 for netbooting via AOE (MacBook Pro)
Hi Folks,

I have a macbook pro (early 2013 retina) as my regular workstation, i'd like to have a boot option for windows7, but i would not like to install it on an ssd partition, but instead having it netbooted via AoE (layer 2 is fine for me).

I have downloaded ipxe, built and deployed to a usb pendrive, so i was able to launch the ipxe console. If i understood it right, now i'd be able to boot into a hard disk image stored in my aoe server directly (via command sanboot). Is that correct?

Then my next question would be to how to create such an image? What i have found by some googling is that i have to install win7 into a vm and somehow use that image.

This is the point where i have found no exact informations about what shall we done. Could someone point me into the right direction on how should i continue from here?

Thanks in advance
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