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Secure booting linux / additional certificates
2017-04-11, 19:49
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RE: Secure booting linux / additional certificates
Thanks for the sources!

Didn't really propose that it should work out of box, my proposals was both how shim.efi could be made to work with ipxe

The issue here is that shim goes to netboot mode when it instead should read the input from it's commandline

if shim is hardcoded to use grubx64.efi then it might be possible to use
initrd -n grubx64.efi
which forces the name in efifs to be grubx64.efi, but even so it is unlikely to work since netboot seems to be used, and also the cmdline itself i unlikely to be past on...

Maybe it is possible to use ifclose net0 before boot which might prevent shim to do netboot - but again cmdline probably won't be passed on anyway.

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