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Help me to build my custom embedded script
2017-04-18, 10:43
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Help me
In the past i use Serva for pxe booting and its works like a charm. now i made my own custom Synology NAS and thought implement a new PXE Srever on it. after some searching i found ipxe is way better than PXE.

Till now what i learn about ipxe ( This will help you to Help me 😇 )-

1. There are four ways to use ipxe- a. USB Flash Drive
b. CD-ROM, c. Chainloading from an Existing pxe-rom, d. Flash new ROM

2. Best way - Chainloading from an Existing pxe-rom.

3. According to this -
a. Download undionly.kpxe
b. Configure my DHCP server to hand out undionly.kpxe as the boot file.
c. Now you will stuck on infinite bootloop. to solve this problem you have three option-
1. Configure your Dhcp Server to send real Boot file on second reqest. on Linux Machine Configure-ISC DHCPD
2. On Windows Server Configure DHCP Server option.

But what if you have Windows 7/8/10 ?? OR Synalogy ? I think you should put some basic idea's on the website for these option too. Even you can suggest some windows based DHCP Server like - Open DHCP Server, so newbie can understand how all this work and how to configure.

3. With embedded Script- For this you have to build iPXE with embedded Script.

You can compile iPXE with embedded script on Linux Machine easily compare to Windows Machine. But what if normal user want to learn or build his/her own iPXE build ?? Yes i knew you post guide on website but its not step by step OR say its complicated for a new learner. Also i found a Good site for this- ..... but i dont know how to use it 😁😁

Now i have these question or say i want to help for these -

1. I don't know how to break the infinite bootloop. Please give your suggestion for these two Situation to break the infinite bootloop.

a. With Router - If you have Router with DHCP Server enabled. how i configure mean which option i have to configure?
b. Without Router - If you don't have Router and set DHCP Server on windows OS. how i configure mean which option i have to configure?

2. this site is good for compile the iPXE - please can u suggest how i can use it ?
3. Actually what i want to achieve is - Configure iPXE on my synalogy and boot winpe from there and install windows 7/8/10 or other OS'es. also It will detect target system is it bios, uefi32 or uefi64 system and load boot according to that.
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