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EFI + IPXE woes
2020-05-10, 23:22
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EFI + IPXE woes
Hello, i am relatively new to network booting and such but i have made some progress.

My main problem is that i am unable to boot ipxe without CSM module aka in EFI mode.

There appears to be no way to flash my laptops realtek nic without bios file modification so i am left with chain loading.

Everything should be fully operational on the server side i am able to chain boot undionly.kpxe when i use bios mode and winpe loads and i am able to install windows.

However i have hit a wall with ipxe.efi all i get is generic bios message "Setup Warning Boot Failure."

The only way i have managed to launch ipxe in EFI mode is when i downloaded and booted EFI shell from USB stick and directly launched ipxe.efi.

Even when i tried to boot ipxe cd it only resulted in the same error message.

At this point i am starting to think that this may be a bios issue but whatever suggestions you may have would be much appreciated.
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