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How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?
2017-10-20, 12:24
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RE: How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?
(2017-01-15 07:06)scan80269 Wrote:  I'd like to express my appreciation for the implementation of EFI sanboot support in iPXE! Today I succeeded in getting a diskless client PC to EFI sanboot to WinPE, with a iSCSI virtual disk carrying GPT disk partitions.

I then initiated a Windows 10 (version 1607) OS installation into a mounted iSCSI virtual disk, but ran into the dreaded "iSCSI deployment is disabled since no NICs referenced in the iBFT can be resolved to actual NT-visible devices." error message. I'm trying to figure out what I might have done wrong, or whether iPXE may have an issue with iBFT in EFI mode.
I would love to try the efi san boot.
Would be able kind enough to share the steps you did to efi boot sanboot to winPE.

Thank you
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