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Computer hanging at iPXE initialising devices...
2013-08-08, 16:24
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RE: Computer hanging at iPXE initialising devices...
I've tried with the UNDI, UNDIONLY and all-drivers builds, they all hang at the same place. But I guess there's something broken with rom-o-matic: undionly.kpxe weights 65kB and ipxe.kkpxe with the UNDIONLY driver is 340+ kB. It seems rom-o-matic always builds with all the drivers

For the chainloading:
I use pxelinux.0 4.07 with the following configuration:
    MENU LABEL ^8 - WinPE 3.1 (CPU =P4)
    com32 pxechn.c32
    APPEND ipxe.kkpxe -o 67.s=ipxe/winpe31.ipxe -W

I can't use gpxelinux.0 because it conflicts with pxechn.c32. If I use gpxelinux.0, pxechn.c32 can't alter the cached DHCP response for the next NBP (in my case, iPXE or
    MENU LABEL ^B - SCCM 053dp1
    kernel pxechn.c32
    APPEND\smsboot\x86\ -W

I can't use use undionly.kpxe because it won't keep the cached DHCP response left by pxechn.c32.

Here's the script embedded in the iPXE binary:
set use-cached 1
autoboot net0

And here's the winp31.ipxe script:
set wimboot-path http://071srv2/wimboot
kernel ${wimboot-path}/wimboot
initrd ${wimboot-path}/bootmgr          bootmgr
initrd ${wimboot-path}/bcd              BCD
initrd ${wimboot-path}/boot.sdi         boot.sdi
initrd ${wimboot-path}/wgl4_boot.ttf    wgl4_boot.ttf
initrd ${wimboot-path}/segmono_boot.ttf segmono_boot.ttf
initrd ${wimboot-path}/segoe_slboot.ttf segoe_slboot.ttf
initrd boot.wim
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