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HP DL380 Gen10 Error: 0xc0000001
2019-06-19, 19:23
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RE: HP DL380 Gen10 Error: 0xc0000001
(2019-06-03 22:18)NiKiZe Wrote:  HP are actually quite good at dealing with these issues, have you contacted them?
I can guarantee you that it is harder for them to fix the issue, if they don't get your report. Wink

building iPXE with DEBUG=memmap, might give you some idea of what is going on, and playing around with order of loading the files might help.
Also try to double check BIOS settings, maybe do a factory reset and try again and see if that changes anything.

Its not that they wont be helpful its just going to be a giant pain.

So I have been working with HP at this point and they are looking for those memmap dumps from iPXE. I tried compiling iPXE like this:

make bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi EMBED=boot.ipxe DEBUG=memmap

That did not seem to change anything in the console output. Any ideas? Thanks again.
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