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HP NC7771 (tg3, 0e1100ca.rom) - very slow boot
2011-04-19, 09:38
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HP NC7771 (tg3, 0e1100ca.rom) - very slow boot
Hello there,

I have a severe issue with HP NC7771 adapter. The ISCSI disk registers with bios, the boot starts, but it seems as the adapter is only running at 10 mbit. It's crawling - XP takes half an hour to boot, then it's fine. I have yet to measure disk speed (ISCSI disk that is) after boot, but first impressions are that system is up to speed.

It's not a SAN / Network problem, as I have other PCs running well. Btw. the SAN uses the same adapter.

I tried gPXE, iPXE iso, iPXE rom build and burned into NIC. Same effect.

Any ideas how to debug?
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HP NC7771 (tg3, 0e1100ca.rom) - very slow boot - pedro77pl - 2011-04-19 09:38

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