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How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?
2018-11-02, 23:03
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RE: How to boot with iscsi in UEFI env?
After a long hiatus I finally succeeded in booting Win10 version 1803 (RS4) in UEFI mode from an iSCSI disk via iPXE.

I switched to using wimboot for booting WinPE, and came through with a snponly.efi that properly supports sanhook and sanboot of iSCSI GPT disks.

Along the way, I got messed up by some of the latest Intel NDIS65 drivers for the Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V. Apparently, the latest driver version that can support iSCSI boot is (dated Jul 12 2017). Any newer driver version induces the *STOP* Inaccessible Boot Device BSOD during Win10 bootup.

The only thing I noticed with UEFI iSCSI running is the virtual disk performance being lower than the legacy BIOS counterpart. Client disk-based Ethernet activity in/out of the server does not exceed 200Mbps most of the time.
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